5 July, 2023
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  • In the news: Hyderabad, Cars and Prestige
  • My thoughts on: Bits, bricks and dreams
  • Q&A: Capital gains on JDAs
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  • Real Estate sees a 17% growth in job in 2023: Tech giants TCS, Infosys, and Wipro experience a 31% dip in IT hiring during June, raising eyebrows in the job market. But hold on! Oil, gas, and real estate sectors are booming with robust job growth, painting a contrasting picture of the economy's diverse landscape. If my recent takes on the growth of the real sector didn’t make you believe, these stats surely will. Read more
  • Sleeping giant stretches its arms: For years, India lacked the presence of a real estate firm with Pan-India business. I believe the wait is now over with Prestige Estates now planning to make a housing project in Noida worth $195 million. The company has over the year spread itself only in the South especially in its hometown Bengaluru, but the giant now looks to spread its arms. Read more
  • From 50 floor towers to 30 crore villas, Hyderabadis demand everything: From soaring skyscrapers to thriving neighborhoods, Hyderabad's success story holds valuable lessons for aspiring cities. I mean this quite literally, as builders and real estate developers from other Indian states are visiting Hyderabad to uncover the blueprint to prosperity and innovation in real estate. Read more
  • Wonder Car - Meet the 'ZPod': Buckle up for an extraordinary ride as Bengaluru's trailblazing startup introduces the nation's first-ever self-driving marvel - the 'ZPod'! This groundbreaking electric vehicle promises a taste of the future, with cutting-edge autonomous technology and sleek design. The tagline of ‘future is now’ has never been more apt. Read more
  • You are one of the reasons, Earth isn’t spinning the way it used to: Unlocking a hidden consequence of human actions, a groundbreaking study exposes how rampant groundwater pumping is discreetly altering the Earth's spin! From unseen effects on Earth's rotation to the global implications, this research sheds light on the astonishing interplay between human activities and the very movement of our planet. Prepare to be amazed by the hidden impact of our everyday actions! Read more

From bricks to bits


Image credits: BusinessWorld.in

Today we embark on a journey into the future of real estate, where innovation meets opportunity, and barriers crumble before our eyes! Picture a world where the age-old struggles of the real estate industry are magically solved with the power of technology – it is not science fiction, it is REAL, and it is happening right now!

Introducing... Real Estate Tokenization! 🚀🏠

This is a groundbreaking concept that has the potential to transform this industry for the decades ahead. But before we dive into any particular domain of this topic, let me first throw some light on what exactly this term means.

In the simplest of terms, Real Estate Tokenization refers to the method of digitizing real estate assets such as a condo or commercial stores so that they can be represented as tokens on a blockchain.

Now every new innovation takes place to solve an existing pain point? Allow me to guide you over the hurdles that this new form of business will solve in the real estate industry.

Over the past years, the biggest headaches in the real estate world have been:

  • Lack of transparency
  • Illiquid assets
  • Excessively high barrier to entry

These three comprise the main pain points of real estate. People are unable to convert their assets into liquid money when needed, or they can’t invest for the entry point is so high, or the lack of transparency has virtually made this industry opaque.

But, with Real Estate Tokenization, we're diving headfirst into the world of digital assets, where properties are transformed into magical tokens on the secure fortress of blockchain. These tokens grant you fractional ownership of prime real estate, opening doors that were once shut tight for the elite few. Indira Nagar in Bangalore, Manhattan in New York, or the luxurious neighbourhoods of Dubai - you name it, and the possibilities are boundless!

At the same time, as the asset is divided into fragments, the cost of buying and selling is low, thus solving the problem of illiquid assets. Moreover, as all these tokens are based on smart contracts and are stored on a blockchain, no one human has the power to control them, thus solving the problem of lack of transparency.

Overwhelmed with how all your problems got solved in a minute?

Let me give you a real-life example to put things into perspective.

Imagine someone is in a hurry to sell a piece of real estate in Indira Nagar in Bangalore. For those of you who are not from Bangalore, Indira Nagar’s real estate is crazy expensive!

Now prior to the introduction of real estate tokenization, except for elites with bank balances of crores, we would have to walk away from the deal, but not anymore!

Through real estate tokenization, the entire property can be divided into digital tokens with each representing a fractional ownership. This will allow you to purchase a number of tokens and later sell it at a higher price, for the property rates in such prime locations are always on the rise.

Thus, not only could the seller quickly turn his assets liquid in no time but a bunch of investors could buy the property at an affordable entry point, owing to the tokenization of the asset.

Now, here's the kicker: no middlemen, no intermediaries, and definitely no room for fraud or manipulation. The power lies in the hands of the many, secured by smart contracts on the unassailable blockchain. Transparency becomes the golden rule, as the curtain of mystery is lifted, and everyone can see the truth behind the transactions.

It is no surprise that the future is digital, even that of real estate. And now it is time for this industry to shed its shady image and ride on a new wave of endless possibilities.


I have a 5 acre property in Mysore and have been approached by a construction firm to jointly develop a gated community. Will capital gains tax be applicable when I handover the land to the developer?
- Ashok

Hi Ashok,

Capital gains tax will not be considered when the transfer of land to the developer takes place. Capital gains will be taxable as income in the year before which the certificate of completion is received from the competent authority. For example: if the certificate of completion is received in 2023, your profits will be added to the income you received in the 2022 fiscal period.

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