19 July, 2023
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Compelling stories shaping my perspectives this week

Here are the 5 stories that you must read from this past week:

  • Real estate embracing technology: The global real estate software market is on an upward trajectory, propelled by the increasing demand for automation and efficiency in the industry. With technological advancements, real estate professionals are embracing software solutions to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Read more
  • Opportunity alert: Noida and Greater Noida, the dynamic twin cities near Delhi, are experiencing a thrilling boom in the commercial real estate sector. Investors and businesses are flocking more and more to these vibrant regions, enticed by the promising opportunities and remarkable growth potential. With robust infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and a business-friendly environment, Noida and Greater Noida have become hotspots for commercial ventures. Read more
  • Technology solves another massive problem: Real estate brokers in the U.S. are embracing ATTOM's groundbreaking solution, Neighbourhood Navigator, to empower their agents and transform the industry. This cutting-edge tool provides comprehensive neighbourhood data and insights, equipping agents with the knowledge they need to serve clients more effectively. Read more
  • Friendship broken with dollar, Rupee is my new best friend: If you don’t know already, in a significant development, India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed agreements to settle trade transactions in Indian rupees. This landmark move aims to strengthen bilateral trade ties and reduce dependency on foreign currencies. The agreements open new avenues for Indian businesses and bolster economic cooperation between the two nations. Read more
  • Careful, it could be a meteorite: A jaw-dropping event unfolded in France when a woman was hit by a meteorite while peacefully sipping her coffee on a terrace. Although rare, meteorite impacts have been documented throughout history, and this recent event serves as a reminder of the wonders and surprises that our universe holds. Thankfully, the woman sustained only minor injuries, but the incident has sparked curiosity and fascination among researchers eager to study this celestial phenomenon further. Read more

Flipping pages before flipping houses


Image credits: REM Canada

I've had the fortune of publishing two best-selling books on real estate.

As an author and industry professional, I understand the power of books to shape one's career and provide invaluable insights. However, my own success as an author and real estate expert wouldn't have been possible without the guidance and inspiration I've gleaned from other remarkable books in the field.

Today, I want to share five lesser-known real estate books that have had a profound impact on my career. These hidden gems have provided me with unique perspectives, practical strategies, and a wealth of knowledge that has shaped my approach to the industry and propelled my success.

  1. What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow... And 36 Other Key Financial Measures by Frank Gallinelli: This book focuses on the financial aspect of real estate investing. Frank Gallinelli provides a comprehensive overview of essential financial measures and ratios used in the industry. It covers topics such as cash flow, return on investment, cap rates, and more. By understanding these key metrics, investors can make better-informed decisions and evaluate the profitability of potential real estate investments.
  2. Emerging Real Estate Markets: How to Find and Profit from Up-and-Coming Areas by David Lindahl: David Lindahl's book explores the concept of emerging real estate markets and how investors can identify lucrative opportunities in these areas. Lindahl discusses the factors that contribute to market growth, such as population trends, job growth, and infrastructure development. The book provides practical strategies for finding and evaluating emerging markets, enabling readers to capitalize on early-stage real estate opportunities.
  3. Real Estate Rainmaker: Successful Strategies for Real Estate Marketing by Dan Gooder Richard: Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of real estate professionals. In this book, Dan Gooder Richard shares effective marketing strategies specifically tailored for the real estate industry. From developing a compelling personal brand to leveraging digital marketing channels, the book provides practical tips and techniques to attract clients, generate leads, and build a thriving real estate business.
  4. Real Estate Finance and Investments: Risks and Opportunities by Peter Linneman: Peter Linneman's book provides a comprehensive overview of real estate finance and investment principles. It delves into the intricacies of property valuation, financing options, risk analysis, and portfolio management. With a focus on both theory and practice, Linneman equips readers with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions and navigate the complex world of real estate finance.
  5. Real Estate Development Matrix by Daniel Kohlhepp: Daniel Kohlhepp's book focuses on the intricacies of real estate development and offers a comprehensive framework for understanding and evaluating development projects. The book covers topics such as site selection, market analysis, financial feasibility, project management, and risk assessment. Kohlhepp's systematic approach and practical insights provide readers with a valuable resource for navigating the complex world of real estate development.

I hope you venture beyond the popular titles and delve into the lesser-known treasures that can unlock new possibilities and elevate your real estate career.


Where does real estate investing turn into more art than science?
- Madhukar

Hi Madhukar,

Having the vision of what a community can look like 5 years into the future is what differentiates good investors from great ones. The presence of road and school construction signifies an imminent growth surge within the community, and it takes vision to imagine what the demand for the completed community could look like.

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